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Frequently Asked Questions

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We try to anticipate questions you may have about the process/procedure of elevator inspections and provide the answers on this page. If you require additional information, email ddinspections@att.net or fill out the form on our " Contact" page.


Does your inspector work for the State?

No.  Elevator inspectors are 3rd party inspectors (they are not the "State Inspectors," yet they are State certified) whether they work for themselves or for any company.  Our inspectors work for DD Elevator Inspections- not the State.  It is YOUR choice as to whom you hire to perform your inspection(s) annually.  <The "State Inspector" usually only comes in & performs an inspection due to a facility being overdue, due to either oversight or possible lack of compliance, of the annual mandatory inspection.  * State Inspectors also have a badge showing they are employed by the State (Alabama), not just a license with their picture on the license.>

  • Inspectors are also to not only notify you they are on your premises, but why they are there, as well as have your permission at time to inspect your elevator(s)/conveyance(s).  (*This does not include actual State Inspectors that work for the State of Alabama; DOL; Inspections Division.)


Why do I have to pay your company and the State separate fees?

Our fee is for the annual inspection of your elevator/conveyance.  The State charge is for your annual Certificate of Operation (COO), which they issue (in Alabama, this process is different in Mississippi.)


What is the fee for the inspection(s)?

The State of Alabama mandates the fee for annual inspections.  Annual elevator/conveyance inspections are $90 per unit.  There are other varied inspections that will have different fees, as well as the State of Mississippi having different pricing & procedures from the State of Alabama.  Please email us with any inquiries.  You may also find the information for each State on their websites.  Invoices are Due Upon Receipt.  A 2.5% late fee is automatically added to your balance every 30 days.


What is the State's charge for the certificate(s) of operation?

The fee for an annual elevator/conveuance COO, Certificate of Operation, in Alabama is $75.  If you have any questions regarding this fee, we suggest you contact the State.  You may also find the information for each State on their websites.  The State of Mississippi has different pricing and procedures.

* Please see the end of number 6 for further and 2018 updated State contact information *


Why did you do my inspection(s)?

Either your facility requested we come to perform your inspection(s) or DD Elevator Inspections has contacted you to schedule performing your annual inspection routinely each year, with your authorization, prior to performing it.  We will always call or email to schedule your inspection prior to showing up at your facility.  We perform inspections at the request of the owner, property manager, your elevator maintenance company, and sometimes at the request of the State if we performed your inspection prior~ with your authorization.  In rare instances where we have been unable to get in touch with you, our inspectors may come by your facility to meet with you and either perform your inspection while on-site, with your authorization, or schedule with you for a more convenient time.


What to do if there are any violations on my inspection(s) report?

If there are any violations noted on your inspection report, the State email will tell you what they need for you to do to correct the violation(s) with the invoice they mail to you after receiving our paperwork of your inspection.  Once you have corrected the violation(s), signed off on their paperwork that you have done so and emailed/mailed it and paid your payment of their invoice to them- they will then mail you your certificate(s) of operation for the current year.

  • 2018 Client change of contact from the State of AL; DOL; Inspections Division with Client Invoices for annual Certificate of Operation(s) and your COO to hang in your elevator/post with your conveyance being sent by email (as long as your email is provided, which we do with all our clients):
  • State Online Payment Portal:  https://joportal.com/al    You may also contact the State directly with any question you may have regarding your invoice or Certificate of Operation @ 334-956-7404